Are you interested in NLP? Do you want to find out more? Or maybe you'd like to practice your NLP skills with a group of like-minded people. Come along to our monthly sessions at Restore in the Cowley Road.

Self-Compassion and NLP Thursday 8 May

We're all good at being kind to others. But how kind are we to ourselves? And what would happen if we were to be kind to ourselves?

These are questions asked and answered by Kristin Neff in her book Self-Compassion (or stop beating yourself up and leave insecurity behind!).

In this session, we'll use some of Neff's suggestions to give a new twist to some old NLP favourites, such as Change Personal History and Parts Negotiation.

Thursday 8 May at 7.30pm at Restore in the Cowley Road.

We are...

We are the Oxford NLP Practice Group — a group of people with a common interest in NLP, at all levels, from practitioners to first timers to trainers.

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